I offer a glassmaking workshop wherein we make a piece together from clear molten glass.You get to add color and melt it in, holding and heating the pipe. You get to inflate the bubble while i shape the piece. There are well over 10 different shapes to chose from.You can chose to make a bowl, garden ball, christmas ornament, marble, paperweight, vases of many shapes, or a pumpkin to name a few. There is an option of upgrading the piece we make to some expanded choices for 10-$60 extra.
It takes about 30 minutes per person to make something, one person is finishing a piece with me while the next person is starting theirs, overlapping. Everyone to date has had a wonderful time! “Best of Groupon” a few years in a row! Over 95% 5star reviews!
One must return to pickup their pieces after they have cooled. Our schedule allowing:)
I am scheduling Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 12-7. 
Regular price for the workshop is $95 per person.
I am able to schedule you through email or you can call my wife at 940-300-7971. 
I have gift certificates i am able to email if ever desired, for one person, two people or groups of four. Call or email to set up a time.

Our Workshops

*1-6     people @ $95/ea

*7-10   people @ $85/ea

*11-15 people @ $75/ea

*16 +   people @ $65/ea